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At Longevity, we pride ourselves in knowing we have been supplying the finest Infrared Saunas to our customers and dealers for over eight years. We are one of the most successful manufacturing and selling companies of Infrared Saunas in the United States today. Not only are our saunas are handmade with quality and include more accessories than the competitors Infrared Saunas, but our customer service is our number on priority.

LONGEVITY manufactures indoor and out door Infrared Saunas with carbon heaters and ceramic emmiters. Please take a momemt to browse our website and look at our products. If you have any questions, about our vanities, basins, saunas or other products, please let us know.
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LS-6-Infrared Sauna
6 Person Portable Infrared Indoor Sauna with Ceramic Infrared Heaters
LS-Corner Infrared Sauna-LS-Corner Infrared Sauna
LONGEVITY Corner Indoor Portable 1-5 Person Infrared Sauna
LS-5-Infrared Portable Sauna
1 2 3 4 5 Person Infared Saunas with Ceramic Emmiters
LS-3-Portable Infrared Sauna
1 2 3 Person Infrared Sauna with Ceramic Emmiters
LB-5105-Glass Baisan2
LB-5105-Glass Basin
Glass Ceramic Basin
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